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For the rapid development of quality web and software solutions at affordable rates, put the Software Cooperative on your business team. We provide full lifecycle software solutions that drive business results.

The Software Cooperative offers complete custom software and maintenance services or use the Software Cooperative to augment your existing technical staff.

Recent Projects:

Your favorite Facebook-friendly project management application.

Whether you’re organizing an important work or school project or planning a weekend getaway with friends, Toodooz is your surefire way to coordinate, prioritize, and manage your projects, big or small. Built especially for Facebook, Toodooz makes online project management a snap:

  • Create Projects and invite your friends to join
  • Create Milestones and Tasks to track the progress of your Projects
  • Assign Tasks to yourself and your Toodooz friends
  • Upload Files and link them to specific Tasks and Milestones
  • Post discussions within your Projects
  • Link discussions to Tasks and Milestones
  • Fine tune your notification settings to receive Project alerts
  • Set permissions within your Project
  • View the Project Overview Dashboard
  • Access the Project Log Dashboard

It’s easy, it’s user-friendly, and it just works better. Toodooz... Check It!

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